Senin, 18 April 2011

SRK's daughter pens first novella, a la Madonna's daughter, Lourdes

Pop singer and actress Madonna's daughter Lourdes was in news recently for writing a novella. Lourdes wrote a story for a Christmas book for her Material mom. Now Shah Rukh's eight-year-old daughter Suhana has done the same.Shah Rukh has been attempting to finish his autobiography for the last three years, however his beti has beaten him to it. She has finished writing a novella which has four chapters.A source reveals, "While Aryan is into sports and video games, Suhana loves to read and write. The novella she's written tells the story of a girl with six feet long eyelashes. When SRK asked her how it was possible for a girl to have such long lashes, she quickly replied back saying that the lashes were not real but just extensions." The actor is very proud of his daughter's writing and proudly shows the book off to his friends.All who have read the book are full of praise for the Khan kid. She obviously has inherited her reading and writing gene from her dad. The source adds, "Shah Rukh loves to read and has a huge library of both fiction as well as non-fiction books. He's extremely proud of the fact that at such a young age Suhana has managed to not just write one but complete four long chapters for her story."

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