Kamis, 21 April 2011

Koleksi Foto-foto Seksi Melida Dee

Long not update Artis Indonesia Seksi, today ill post about case of Citibank Scandal by Melida Dee. In the last week, the public is surprised by the arrest of two offenders out of the ordinary. The first is the arrest of the "imposter" Yustiawati Selly by the police in the south of Denpasar Hotel Amaris, Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Saturday (26 / 3), second, called "MD" Melinda Dee, embezzlement actors Citibank customers Rp 17 billion. He says this is unusual because two actors the eyes of most people probably are not of the nature and cut as the perpetrators of crime in general. Selly is a telling example of a woman who worked for skilled workers in a company or a permanent office.

Here is Koleksi Foto-foto Seksi Melida Dee  

And in fact, personnel data view, print media, Selly once worked as a secretary in a hotel in South Jakarta. While Melinda Dee over the prototype of a working woman who has cooked and impressed held important positions in society. Especially if you have a wealth of information by the mass media reported on a unit-3 Hummer Luxury sport utility with the police series B 18 DIK and 1 type Mercedes Benz S300.

In addition, with a beautiful face than usual from the appearance that supports a cosmopolitan woman characterized, two women of this section would more easily interact with a variety of social classes in a bag in the middle-urban areas. If the view of the pattern of the crimes committed by these two women in the science of criminology as white collar (white collar) are those that require action in pursuit of their more sense than Okol / muscle. If you perform an action that is the white monkey a greater number of crimes and conducted without violence, that victims do not feel any direct physical threat and often do not recognize, they all have the victims.

All this can happen, because the model for doing this type of crime the offender is usually a very long learning process, the object of his crimes. realized in the case of Selly example, the victim did, after he has cheated a little money by bank transfer and over time there are no signs that the borrower will pay his debts at once. The confidence to borrow money Selly certainly done after a process of interaction and camaraderie of the emotional relationship of the Selly Onal friendship with his victim. So the ability to convince people like to give loans to the Selly value as the model for fraud crimes are often reported in newspapers criminal.

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