Kamis, 21 April 2011

Artis Luna Maya Seksi di Dunia Maya

artis seksi indonesia cantik foto artis Indonesia seksi cantik Foto luna maya

Artis luna maya women including a beautiful Female Artis Luna Maya Seksi di Dunia Maya he deserves entry in Artis Seksi Indonesia. Luna Maya seksi foto initiated his career as a catwalk model stars, and then develop themselves in the role of art, whether film or sinetron. Achievement as the most prominent model is selected as the Luna Star Lux 2006.

Name Luna the rebound in the world of entertainment, while a role in the film CINTA SILVER with Rima Melati and Catherine Wilson. At the same time, being made love with Ariel, Peterpan band vocalist group, although it ended with the separation and then. it.

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